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Summer 2008 
niversity of Louisiana 

>r <'^'^^^1fe!^^ 

« 1 ^^ 

u ' ^^ 

Distance Learning^ 

(S), Northwestern State 

Dr. Randall J. Webb, i965, i966 

President, Northwestern State University 

Dear Alumni: 

Thanks to each of you for all you have done to make the past academic year 
a successful one at Northwestern State University. 

This year, more than 1,200 new graduates received degrees and continue the tradition of 
spreading the good name of the university wherever they may be. It seems wherever I travel, I 
run across alumni of Northwestern or family members of alumni who share stories about their 
positive experiences at the university. 

In May, I had the privilege of faking part in our Spring Commencement Exercises. This is 
one of the most enjoyable parts of my job as I get to see the happy faces of our graduates and 
their families. Earning a college degree is the culmination of several years of hard work by our 
students and financial and personal sacrifices by their families. I am glad to be there to share in 
that experience and to express to each of them how proud I am of what they have accomplished. 

As part of the ceremony, I ask those who have had family attend Northwestern to stand. It 
is gratifying to see all those graduates whose families thought so much of this institution that they 
encouraged their sons, daughters, grandchildren or relatives to follow in their footsteps. 

I also ask those who are first generation college graduates to stand. These students have 
so many stories of personal determination to tell. I enjoy learning from them what they had to do 
to earn a degree and how graduating from Northwestern will open doors in the future. 

By reading this magazine four times a year and assisting the NSU Alumni Association and 
the NSU Foundation, you are able to make dreams happen. The Alumni Association and 
Foundation provide many scholarship opportunities for students and support Northwestern in 
many ways. 

I appreciate all of your help in making Northwestern an even stronger institution. 

H| Dire 

'Sit %<.X£JL mmM 11* Hli¥ II • " ^^-^^w^-^.^ 

J. Kevin McCotter, 

Director of Alumni and Development 

Dear Alumni: 

Your Office of Alumni & Development has just completed a busy 
spring season filled with recruiting receptions, alumni gatherings and 
spring graduation in early May. The summer season gives us a chance 
to reflect on past accomplishments and set our sights on the future. 

In early January, Athletic Director Greg Burke informed the NSU Foundation Board of 
Directors about a potential request for providing financing to construct new scoreboard facilities 
at all campus athletic venues. Much work took place over the next few months and I am pleased 
to report the Foundation Board approved the $1.6 million project on April 25. coincidentally the 
same day it was approved by the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors. 
Congratulations to Greg and his team and our Foundation Board! More information conceming 
the project is in this issue of Alumni Columns. 

The Alumni Association Board of Directors is meeting quarterly and has adopted a plan of 
work for 2008. It includes strengthening alumni ties through participation in community 
gatherings, tailgate events and social networking on our soon-to-launch Alumni Community 
website. The Association plans to also assist our recruiting staff by identifying potential students 
earlier in their high school careers, support the Annual Fund Drive and Phone-A-Thon and 
develop an alumni recognition program. Thanks to your Alumni Association officers and Board of 
Directors for their leadership! 

Please know how much we appreciate your support of Northwestern. Your time, talent and 
treasure are a tribute to our university and provide inspiration to our cun'ent students, faculty and 
administration. At Northwestern, we define alumni as all former students; that is, any individual 
who was enrolled and attended classes at any time in the past. If you are not active in your 
university's affairs, we encourage you to get involved and receive the joy of embracing 
Northwestern as your own. You will find it is nourishment for the soul! 

You are always welcome on campus and we hope you will stop by the Alumni House if your 
travels bring you to Natchitoches. As we look to the future, we see a vibrant, engaged alumni 
community helping us build on our rich history. Together we can craft the Northwestern State 
University of the 21st century. 

.Alumni Columns 

Official Publication of 

Northwestern State University 

Natchitoches. Louisiana 

Organized in 1884 

A member of CASE 

Volume XVIII Number 2 Summer 2008 

The Alumni Columns (USPS 015480) is published 4 

times a year by Northwestern State University, 

Natchitoches, Louisiana. 71497-0002 

Periodicals Postage Paid at Natchitoches. La.. 

and at additional mailing offices. 

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to the Alumni 

Columns. Northwestern State University. 

Natchitoches. U. 71497-0002. 

Alumni Office Phone: 318-357-4414 

and 888-799-6486 

FAX: 318-357-4225 



President Jerry Brungan. 

Natchitoches. 1969. 1971 

Vice President Joseph B. Stamey, 

Natchitoches. 1983 

Secretary-Treasurer. Dr. Lisa Mathews. 

Benton, 1992 
Executive Director. Kevin McCotter 


Jerry Brungart Natchitoches. 1969. 1971 

Tommy Chester Arcadia, 1969 

Leonard Endris Shreveport, 1974. 1975 

Adrian Howard Arlington. Texas. 1989 

Patricia Wiggins Hrapmann Destrehan. 1973. 1978 

Gail Jones Natchez. 1981. 1998 

Matt Koury Leesville. 1995 

Bryant Lewis Haynesville, 1958 

Carroll Long Tyler. Texas. 1970 

Dr. Lisa Mathews Benton. 1992 

David Morgan Austin. Texa.s, 1973 

Kip Patrick Shreveport. 1995 

Joseph B. Stamey Natchitoches. 1983 

Glenn Talberl Shreveport. 1964 

Ricky Walmsley Covington. 1985 

J. Michael Wilbum Shreveport. 1975 

Jimmy Williams Alexandria. 1993 

Dr. Leonard A. Williams New Orleans, 1993 


Shayne Creppel Natchitoches 

SGA President 

The Alumni Columns is published in 

spring, summer, fall and winter. 


Ke\ in McCotter 


Leah Pilcher Jackson. 1994 


Da\ id West 

Doug Ireland. 1986 

Leigh Gentry, student contributor 


Gary Hardamon 


Beth McPherson Mann. 1975 

NSU Press Publications Office 

Photo illustration on the cover: NSU students and active military personnel Adrian Borel and 
Wyman Rosener take advantage of on-line degree programs. 

Northwestern State University is accredited by the 
Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of 
Colleges and Schools (1866 Southern Lane. Decatur, 
Georgia 30033-4097: Telephone number 404-679-4501) to 
award Associate, Baccalaureate. Master's. Specialist and 
Doctorate degrees. 

It is the policy of Northwestern State University of 
Louisiana not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, 
religion, sex. national origin, age. or disability in its 
educational programs, activities or employment practices. 

Alumni News 

Distance Learning 

Northwestern State 

On-line programs broaden opportunities for learners 


hen Clyde Coats gets a 
break from his full time 
job, he spends his free 

time studying to earn an associate 
degree in general education. His 
responsibilities for his day job are 
subject to frequent change and some 
assignments require more of his time 
than others. Getting the proper 
books for his class work can be a 
challenge. But Coats forges ahead 
with the goal of eventually earning a 
degree in education and teaching at 
the high school level. Northwestem's 
innovative approaches to distance 
learning have made it possible for 
Coats and others like him to make 
strides in meeting their goals from as 
far away as Camp Loyalty. Iraq. 

"Some of the challenges besides 
scheduling is the constant change of 
being in a combat zone," said SFC 
Coats, who is with the 4th Brigade 
10th Mountain Division in Baghdad. 
"Getting books on time can be a 
problem, so you have to plan early." 

Last spring. Coats was enrolled 
in a finance class through the NSU- 
Leesville campus. 

Although continuing with school 
has been a challenge. Coats is 
looking forward to his retirement in 
three years. 

"I really like to be home on my 
own land." the Rosepine native said. 
"I should graduate from the associate 
program by the time I retire, if not 
earlier, depending on the job 1 get 
once 1 get back to Fort Polk. I 
should then be finished with my 
teaching degree one and a half to 
two years after that." 

As the Military Liaison Officer 
for NSU, Robert Triplett works with 
active duty soldiers, family 
members, retirees, vets and anyone 
else who needs help. 

"I assist the active duty guys in 
taking several transcripts and 
working up a degree plan with a 
light at the end of the tunnel," 
Triplett said. "The soldier's ability 

to attend classes is 
based on his 
availability. It is 
normally dictated by 
their jobs," Triplett 
said. "Once they get 
started, they are pretty 
much like our other 
students. As with any 
other student, the 
soldier has to juggle 
time in order to attend 
school and work full 
time, a challenge 
faced by most non- 
traditional students." 

"I have been a 
student all my life," 
Coats said. "You 
never really stop 

It is with that 
sentiment in mind that 
NSU has become a 
pioneer in redefining 
campus borders, 
offering 14 on-line 
degree programs along 
with a growing number of 
certification courses. Internet-only 
students do not pay any out-of-state 
fees and with fully accredited on-line 
degree programs from the associate 
through the masters' levels, and a 
full array of support services, no 
student in need of an education 
should feel place or time bound. 

In 2006, Kristin Shoemaker of 
Warsaw. Ind.. became the first 
Northwestern undergraduate to earn 
her bachelor's degree entirely online, 
having never stepped foot on NSU's 
campus until she arrived to collect 
her diploma. She earned a degree in 
psychology with a 3.952 grade point 
average. Shoemaker selected NSU 
after rejecting other institutions that 
presented obstacles such as 
residency requirements or 
accreditation problems. Most 
students, however, take a mixture of 

on-line and traditional classes. In 
2007, about half of all students 
enrolled at NSU were taking at least 
one class on-line. 

NSU's earliest distance learning 
courses were offered via satellite, 
audio graphics and video 
conferencing. In 1998, the first on- 
line course was offered through the 
College of Education. 
"The primary purpose for offering 
courses using distance learning was 
to reach rural populations in rural 
areas," said Dr. Darlene Williams, 
acting vice president for Technology, 
Research and Economic 
Development. "Another reason for 
embracing distance learning as a 
viable delivery method was due to 
the innovative nature and interest of 
the faculty. Also, NSU's innovators 
were supported by visionary leaders 

See Distance Learning Page 2 

Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / I 

Alumni News 

Left photo: Lt. Jeffrey Giering, S3, Future 
Operations, sent a picture from Baghdad of 
himself and Cpt. Joe Barnett. Both graduated 
from NSU in 1997 and "are carrying on in true 
Demon fashion." Above, Giering and his wife 
Melissa (1997) visited the NSU campus, 
presenting the flag to Dr. Chris Maggio. 

Samuel Wise of Lena, a fourth generation of alumnus of 
NSU, graduated cum laude with a degree in biology in 
May 2008. Wise plans to attend graduate school and 
pursue a career in environmental biology. Wise 
graduated from Northwood High School in Lena and 
chose NSU because of its proximity to his home and 
family. Wise comes from a long line of NSU graduates: 
Great-grandmother Lovenia Morea Wise earned a 
teaching certificate from Normal in 1917 and another 
great-grandmother, Inez Rougeau Beebe, graduated in 
the 1920s. His grandmother, Geraldine Beebe Wise 
graduated in 1946. Father William Jackson Wise and mother June Jones both 
graduated in the 1970s and older brother William J. Wise graduated in 2006. 

Class of 1957 

achieving pledge goal 


Billy (1956) and Rose Marie 
Dearing of Shreveport 
(1957), seated, created an 
endowed scholarship to 
benefit a mathematics 
student at NSU. Thanking 
them on behalf of the 
university were Drake 
Owens and Jill Bankston. 

Members of the Class of 1957 
have currently raised $31,219 
toward their goal of $60,000 to 
fulfill the Class of 1957 
Endowed Professorship. The 
Class of 1957 began the 
endeavor last year to mark their 
golden jubilee and was the first 
graduating class to establish an 
endowed gift. Donations are 
still being accepted as the group 
strives to meet its goal, which 
will be matched with $40,000 
from the State of Louisiana 
Board of Regents. To support 
the endowed professorship, 
contact Jill Bankston at (318) 
357-4241 or Dr. Virginia 

Continued from Page 1 

and support staff who recognized technology as an 
essential teaching tool for the future." 

Technology has changed tremendously since the 
inception of distance learning at Northwestern and today 
is utilized by both full-time students and different 
categories of non-traditional students and other adult 
learners with full-time jobs. 

"NSU evolved from the use of news boards, basic e- 
mail and non-graphic web pages to fiill software 
programs that provide a host of tools for faculty and 
students," Williams said. "The university strives to 
provide a seamless learning environment that is 
dedicated to fostering a culture of lifelong learning." 

Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 2 

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Alumni News 

Vasquez presents Natchitoches performance 

Dr. Ramon F. Vasquez (1994) performed in February with 
the Auburn University Brass Trio in conjunction with an outreach 
tour of Texas. The trio was hosted by the School of Creative and 
Performing Arts and, in addition to a concert at Trinity Episcopal 
Church in Natchitoches, presented a brass clinic to the NSU applied 
trumpet studio and a clinic for the university jazz orchestra. 

Dr. Vasquez plays trumpet in the Trio, the brass ensemble in 
residence at Auburn University, which performs a broad repertoire 
of new and standard compositions and arrangements for brass. 
Vasquez has been on faculty at Auburn since 2005, where he 
teaches the applied trumpet studio, music appreciation and is 
director for the Auburn University Jazz Ensemble, Trumpet 
Ensemble and Student Brass Quintet. 

Vasquez graduated from NSU with a bachelor's in music 
performance and earned a master's degree in music performance at 
the University of North Texas in 1997 and a doctor of musical arts 
in music performance from the University of Minnesota in 2005. 
He served on the faculty at the University of Minnesota-Duluth 
from 1998-2003 as well as a teaching assistant at North Texas and 
the University of Minnesota. 

Since graduation from NSU, Vasquez had many opportunities 
to perform for many people across the world and with many 
acclaimed celebrities 

"My education that 1 received from NSU has truly helped me gain so many opportunities through my 
I experiences from the professors at NSU, particularly [associate professor] Galindo Rodriguez. He took me under his 
wing when I walked through the door in 1 990 and showed me the various things a trumpet player needed to do in 
order to become an artist and a versatile musician in today's world," Vasquez said. 


W » " 1 

- i # 


Galindo Rodriguez and Dr. Ramon F. Vasquez 

College of Education seeking nominations 
for Hall of Distinguished Educators 

Northwestem's College of Education Alumni Advisory 
Board is seeking nominations for its Hall of 
Distinguished Educators for 2008. Nominees must have 
graduated from NSU's College of Education at least 30 
years prior to nomination. The inductees will participate 
in NSU homecoming activities in the fall. 

If you know of an outstanding College of Education 
alumnus who has had a distinguished career in education, 
please send the nominee's resume or other 
documentation outlining the reason for the nomination to 
Jimmy Berry, Chair, Alumni Advisory Board. 454 White 
Oak Lane. Natchitoches, LA 71457 or email to 
Jandmberry ( . 

Additional information is available from Berry at (318) 
357-8546 or Dr. Brenda Hanson in the College of 
Education at (3 1 8) 357-55 1 8 or dailcy@nsula.cdu . The 
deadline to submit 2008 nominations is Aug. 1 . 

Alums receive university appointments 

Dr. Darlene Williams (1989, 1994, 
1 998) has been named vice president for 
Technology, Research and Economic 
Development at NSU. Williams will 
oversee the Offices of Electronic and 
Continuing Education, Information 
Systems, Student Technology, Research 
and Sponsored Programs and Economic 

Marcus Jones (1992) has been named 
Vice President for University Affairs. 
Jones will be responsible for overseeing 
construction projects, maintenance, 
custodial and general upkeep of all 
university facilities and grounds. 

Steven Gruesbeck (1997) has been 
named director of Service-Learning at 
NSU. Gruesbeck will coordinate and 
promote the university-wide service- 
learning initiative. 



Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 3 

Alumni News 

NSU President Dr. Randall J. Webb, left, 
presented alumnus Joseph Dow of 
Pasadena, Texas, with an honorary doctorate 
of humane letters. Dow graduated from NSU 
in 1963 with a degree in mathematics and is 
the owner of Dow Pipe and Fence Supply. He 
is also a member of the NSU Alumni Hall of 
Distinction, the Long Purple Line. Dow was 
congratulated by Webb and by Dr. Steve 
Horton, dean of Graduate Studies. 

The first students to receive degrees at 

Northwestern through the Contiuum for All 

Louisiana Learners (CALL) initiative were 

recognized during Spring Commencement 

Exercises, seated from left, are Perry Lowe 

of Robeline, Phyllis Edwards of Opelousas, 

Lasha' Garner of Florien, Catherine 

Hamilton of Natchitoches and Gerrell 

Thomas of Oklahoma City, Okla. On the 

back row are Jimmy Long, a member of the 

Board of Supervisors for the University of 

Louisiana System; Dr Thomas Hanson, 

provost and vice president for Academic 

and Student Affairs, Northwestern President Dr. Randall J. Webb, Northwestern alumnus Joseph Dow, recipient of an honorary 

doctorate; Dr. Darlene Williams, vice president for Technology, Research, and Economic Development and State Sen. Gerald Long. 


Karren Young 

(1981) has 
written her first 
book Invisible 
Obstacles and 
Karren' s book 
takes her readers 
on a personal 
journey of her 
challenges and 
provides various 
techniques that people can apply 
daily to enrich their lives and 
restore hope in two ways. First is 
to walk around MAD all the time; 
the word MAD is used as an 
acronym to teach people how to 
be Motivated with an Attitude of 
Determination. Second, how to 

Karren Alexander 

drive with no hands: Apply 
simple driving techniques and 
maintenance requirements for a 
car to obstacles and challenges. 
Karren says 'As a life coach and 
transformational speaker, 1 like to 
teach people how to let go of past 
hurts and offenses to achieve their 
goals and dreams. Many people 
need to believe that the ability to 
accomplish their goals and 
dreams is based on the strength 

Karren has also written and 
produced a song titled "The 
Strength Within." 

Karren earned her 
undergraduate in accounting and 
business management at NSU and 
a masters in accounting at Strayer 
University in Arlington, Va. 
For more information about her 
book or to contact Karren, visit 

her web site . 

Tommy McClelland (2004, 
2005) was named athletics 
director at McNeese State 
University in March. McClelland, 
a former NSU athlete, began 
serving as interim athletics 
director in June 2007. Prior to his 
selection as interim athletics 
director, he was McNeese 's 
coordinator of athletic events, 
sales and marketing after serving 
an internship for a year in the 
Southland Conference office and 
being an intern in 2005 in the 
NSU athletics department. 
McClelland is the youngest 
athletics director in the Southland 
Conference and is believed to be 
the youngest athletics director for 
any NCAA Division I university. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 4 

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Alumni News 

AKA, AOA reunion planned this fall 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and 
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity will host a 
35th anniversary and reunion celebration 
during Homecoming festivities Oct. 24- 
26. The two Greek organizations were 
chartered at Northwestern in 1973. 

Former members of the Eta Chi 
Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha and 
Theta Chi chapter of Alpha Phi Alphi 
are invited to participate in several 
planned activities, which will begin on 
Friday with participation in the 
Homecoming parade and pep rally, 
followed by a meet and greet reception 
and an old time step show competition. 
Saturday's events will include tailgating and attendance at the Homecoming 
game, followed by an evening banquet that will include a recognition 
program for charter line members, graduate advisors of the chartering lines 
and graduate chapters. The group will participate in a worship service on 

The national Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority was founded in 1906. The 
nation Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity was founded in 1 908 and is celebrating its 
centennial this year. 

For more information or to register, contact former Alpha Kappa Alpha 
President Charlene Miller Voorhoos (1978) at 
or (318) 797-8350; or former Alpha Phi Alpha President James Perry at 
jaypeel906( or call (218) 859-7787. 

Purple Jackets 

seeking former 


The Purple Jackets organization 

is developing an alumni 

database. Women who were 

members of Purple Jackets are 

asked to contact 

Frances Watkins Conine, 

sponsor, at (318) 357-6703 or 

e-mail coninef(a) . 

Look for information on a 

Purple Jackets reunion 

in the Fall edition of 

Alumni Columns. 

McClelland's wife, Jessica Stokes 
McClelland (2002), is a former NSU 
athletics department student worker. 

Fekisha Rene Miller was elected to 
the St. Landry Parish Council shortly 
after completing her master's degree 
in physical therapy from LSU Health 
Sciences Center in Shreveport. 
Fekisha earned a B.S. in biology 
from Northwestern in 2004. 

Mike Gallien was named the Aldine, 
Texas, Independent School District 
Secondary Principal of the Year for 
2007-2008. Mike is the principal of 
Teague Middle School, a position he 
has held for the past eight years. He 
is a 1981 graduate of Northwestern 
State University with a degree in 
social sciences education and has 27 
years of experience in education, 
including the last 25 in Aldine, a 

north Houston school district 
comprised of 68 campuses with over 
60,000 students. Teague Middle 
School is a State Recognized seventh 
and eighth grade campus where 
Mike has served as an administrator 
for the past 2 1 years. 

Archie Anderson (1982) was named 
president and chief executive officer 
of OCI, a healthcare benefits and 
risk data management provider in 
April. Anderson has more than 20 
years experience in the healthcare, 
benefits and risk management 
services industries. AT OCI, he will 
be responsible for the overall 
business and will devote his energies 
toward further growth and 
expansion. OCI helps the nation's 
largest employers address the 
spiraling cost of benefits, one of the 
most expensive and complex 

business problems. OCI provides a 
view of total benefits costs that 
enables employers to deliver health- 
related programs to employees, 
identify opportunities for 
improvement of benefits programs, 
improve the health and productivity 
of their employees and manage leave 

Anderson was most recently 
president of Intracorp. Prior to that, 
he spent 1 8 years at GENEX 
Services Inc. in a variety of 
leadership roles including SVP sales 
and marketing. 

Anderson earned both a master's 
degree in higher education 
administration and counseling and a 
B.S. in business administration at 

He will be relocating from the 
Philadelphia area to OCI firm 
headquarters in Denver. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 5 

Alumni Gatherings 

Little Rock 

Northwestern alumni who gathered for Louisiana Saturday 
Night in Little Rock in April were, from left, Cammie 
Hennigan (1994), Mike Corbell (1968), Nina Corbell, Ryan 
Reed (1999), Amber Reed (2000), Wanda Ford (1986), 
James Taylor (1990), Drake Owens (2004, 2005), Rick 
Roper, Armour Bryant, Mary Roper, Debbie Hughes (1974), 
Neal Shankey (1995), Mike Hughes and Carolyn Lasseigne 

James Taylor (1990), Armour Bryant, Linda Crochet (1992) 
and Neal Sharkey (1995), joined guests at Louisiana 
Saturday Night in Little Rock which hosted graduates not 
only from Northwestern, but also University of New 
Orleans, University of Louisiana-Monroe, McNeese, 
University of Louisiana-Lafayette, and Southeastern. 

Baton Rouge 

Foundation Board member Al Morrow (1966), Margarette 
Morrow, Judy Edwards (1966) and Terry Edwards (1966) 
were among the guests at the Baton Rouge reception. 

Erica Adams (2003), Jason St. German (2003), Sara Tanehill 
(2004), Mia Guillory (2005), Michael St. German (2006), Erin 
Bardin (2003), Michael Antoon (2007) and Mark Miciotta 
(2006), got reacquainted at the Baton Rouge reception. 


Bossier City 

Recipients of the Ted Jones Scholarship for the Natchitoches 
area were, from left, Daniel Longino of Riverdale Academy, 
Assistant Director of Recruiting Ashlee Crooks-Hewitt (2001), 
Caitlin Cunningham and Claire Harrington of St. Mary's, 
Nathaniel Hagan and Michael Hilton of Natchitoches Central 
High School and Recruiter Nikki Ceaser (2007). The event was 
hosted by David (1980) and Kim (1985) Wright. 






Amanda Emfiriger of 
Benton High School 
was named recipient 
of the Ted Jones 
Scholarship for the 
Bossier area. She 
was congratulated 
by Steven Wood 
(2006). The 
reception was 
hosted by Mike 
Knotts (1986) of 






Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 6 

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Alumni Gatherings 



Shreveport Crawfish Boil 

Gene (1963) and Martha Koury 
were hosts of the Leesville 
recruiting reception. 

Attending the Shreveport crawfish boil were Hal Montgomery (1969), Linda 
Montgomery, Harold Holly (1970) and Sally Holly, above right, and Lisa Benson 
(2002), L.J. Benson, Doris Smith (1974, 1989) and Randy Smith, above left. 

Lake Charles/Sulphur 

Joshua Meche of Sam Houston High 
School, right, was named recipient of 
the Ted Jones Scholarship for the 
Lake Charles/Sulphur area. He was 
congratulated by recruiter Nikki 
Ceaser (2007) and Gen. Erbon Wise. 

Shelia Perez of Pickering High 
School was named the recipient 
of the Ted Jones Scholarship for 
the Leesville area. She was 
congratulated by NSU Director 
of Alumni and Development 
Kevin McCotter and Recruiter 
Nikki Ceaser (2007). 


Danny and Lenn Prince (1975) were 
hosts for the Ruston reception. 

Ted Jones Scholarship winners 
for the Many area were Andrew 
Kelly of Many High School, left, 
and Kendi Martinez of Zwolle 
High School, right. They were 
congratulated by NSU Recruiter 
Nikki Ceaser, (2007). 

Hosts of the Many recruiting reception were, 
from left, Steven (2003) and Mary Beth (2003) 
Van Sickle, Virginia Burkett (1973, 1975), 
Caleb Burkett, Ellianna Van Sickle, Don Burkett 
(1974) and Mandy Cathey (2006). 

1^ Lafayette 


Victoria Cararas of Sterlington 
High School was named Ted 
Jones Scholarship winner for 
the Ruston area. She was 
congratulated by Steve Wood 

Derek Clavier of Carencro High School, left, and 
Carmen Camouche of Northwest High School, 
right, were named recipients of Ted Jones 
Scholarships for the Lafayette area. They were 
congratulated by recruiter Nikki Ceaser (2007). 



Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 7 

Alumni Gatherings 

New Orleans 

Dallas Crawfish Boil 

Attending the New Orleans alumni reception were, above left photo, 
Christopher Becker (1995), Stacy Spitzkeit (2004), Ashlie Fisher (2005) and 
Mohn Maske, as well as Russell (1940) and Mona Bond, above right photo. 

Guests in New Orleans also included 
Rhonda Regouffre (1993), Randy 
Wiggins (1978), Ginger Wiggins (1981), 
Patty Hrapmann (1973), Kenny 
Hrapmann (1973), Nicole Lagasse, Nei 
Ponstein (2004) and Greg Burke. 

Shreveport Recruiting Reception 

Reconnecting at the Dallas Crawfish 
Boil were, above photo from left. Raven 
Brown (1999), Andrea Bailey (1999), 
Carmen Peyton (1999) and Quency 
Perkins. Below are John Brewton 
(1954), Judy Randolph and Jim 
Randolph (1966). 

Julie (1976) and Keith (1974) Bergeron, left photo, hosted the Shreve port-area 
recruiting reception. Andrea Pugh of Northwood High School was named 
winner of the Ted Jones Scholarship, congratulated by Steven Wood (2006). 

Host Jill Cantrell Morrison (1993), 
center, visited with Kelley Mims (1996) 
and Angela Hennigan Keiso (1995). 

Dallas/Longview Recruiting Reception 

Ted Jones Scholarship winners from the Dallas/Longview area wtih recruiter Ellen Dutsch are, from left, Ashely Hammett of Linden 
Kildare High School, Heather Smith of Longview and Sam Furlow of Warren T. White High School in Dallas. Hosts for the Dallas 
reception were Tommy (1973) and Susan McCullough. Hosts for the Longview reception were Carroll (1967) and Susan Long. 

Dr. Harry Briggs, a professor of political science at NSU's 
Leesvi lie/ Fort Polk campus, has initiated an American 
Legion Scholarship. From left are Dr. Larry Monk, 
executive director of the Leesville campus; Briggs, Holice 
White, American Legion Poast 145 commander; Jill 
Bankston and Leonard Hulson, finance officer of Post 145. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 8 

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Foundation News 

Foundation Scholarship Banquet 

Among the guests attending the Foundation Scholarship Banquet were, top photo from left, Sue F. Williams, John Williams, 
Markenia Nicole, Quincy Jackson and Frances Conine, and, bottom photo from left, Justin Krouse, Jill Bankston, Merle 
Antoon, Danielle Antoon, Melanie Deblieuxand Lauren Lupo. 

^ ^. 


^B H 

r\ i«^ 



W ^ 



^ ,.- ^ 


^^■b lliance 


^^^^m o^o, '^°'"'wesiern Stale Unn,efs,ly 

^^^^1 ^B'<T''O(JSand£00/inn ^'°'°°° 


^^H^K* nmi,.. 

Alliance Compressors presented a $10,000 donation to 
the Northwestern State University Foundation during 
halftime of the March 1 basketball game. The 
contribution will support the Alliance Compressor 
Endowed Scholarship Fund and was funded through the 
Emerson Trust Fund, the charitable trust of Alliance's 
parent company, Copeland Corporation. From left are 
NSU Director of Alumni and Development Kevin 
McCotter, E.J. Billedeaux. employee relations manager; 
NSU alumna Charmaine Owens, Alliance human 
resources generalist, and Ken Gamer, Alliance 
continuous improvement manager. 

Alumni Association seeks more involvement, is promoting Annual Fund 


onors to the NSU Alumni 
I Association's Annual Fund 
Drive have generated much- 
needed support for the university's most 
important needs, such as scholarships, 
recruiting, faculty recognition, alumni 
programs and campus renovations. The 
Annual Fund has an impact on virtually 
every aspect of Northwestern. Every gift 
is important and every gift helps make a 

"All gifts, regardless of size, play an 
important part in allowing NSU to 
continue to grow," said Kevin McCotter, 
director of Alumni and Development. 
"Whether a gift is $25 or $25,000, taken 
together, the Annual Fund provides one 
of NSU 's most significant sources of 

This year's Annual Fund Drive will 
begin with a mail-out in August, 
followed by a phone-a-thon in 
November. There are several different 
levels of giving. 

"August, the start of the new school 
year, is always an exciting time at 
Northwestern. The annual Alumni Fund 
Drive is a vital part of the NSU 
scholarship ftind and allows alumni to 

participate to become a part of the 
Demon experience." said Alumni 
Association President Jerry Brungart 
(1969, 1971). "We appreciate and thank 
all the alumni for their contributions." 

Brungart said that by supporting the 
Annual Fund Drive, the Alumni 
Association is furthering its mission of 
promoting academic excellence and 
developing coalitions among alumni, 
students, friends and the university 
community. To get more alumni 
involved, the AA board of directors is 
encouraging alumni to actively 
participate in recruiting, promoting the 
Association website and developing an 
alumni recognition program. They are 
also considering ways to improve 
attendance at tailgates, both at home and 
on the road, and exploring the possibility 
of getting involved in area festivals. 

"Contributions to this endeavor 
support the Alumni Association's efforts 
in engaging students and alumni through 
reunions, local chapter programs, Grad 
Fest, Homecoming activities, faculty 
recognition awards and scholarships," 
McCotter said. "The Alumni 
Association also supports recruiting 

Pictured from left are Joe Stamey, 
vice president; Dr. Lisa Mathews, 
secretary/treasurer; Jerry Brungart, 
president; Janay Matt, assistant 
director of alumni relations 

receptions throughout Louisiana and 
Texas and enhances many aspects of 
campus life." 

All gifts are tax deductible and 
some companies offer a matching 
program that allows a donor to double or 
triple their contribution. 

For more information, visit our 

website at, 


or call (318) 357-4414. 

Our toll free number is (888) 799-6486. 

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2008 Football Schedule 

Aug 30 



Sep 06 



Sep 13 



Sep 20 



Sep 27 



Oct 11 



Oct 18 

Southeastern Louisiana * 


Oct 25 

(Homecoming) * 


Nov 01 

Texas State * 


Nov 08 

Central Arkansas * 


Nov 15 



Nov 22 

Steptien F. Austin * 

Purple bold text indicates 


HOME games at Turpin Stadiunr 


* indicates Southland Conference games 

Visit for more 


SON prepping for a 
fiill slate of exciting 

The Spirit of Northwestern Demon 
Marching Band has exciting programs in 
store for Demon fans this fall. In addition 
to seven home football games, the SON 
will offer a performance at the Parkway 
High School (Bossier City) 
Marching Contest in 
October, the Natchitoches 
marching contest in 
November, a trip to the 
Steven F. Austin football 
game and the Christmas 

Dr. Bill Brent, director 
of bands, and head of the 
NSU Creative and 
Performing Arts 
Department, expects to add 
about 80 new freshmen to 
the ranks of the SON 
resulting in more than 300 musicians and 
auxiliary performers on the field. 

"It is interesting to see them arrive for 
their first rehearsal because the majority of 
them were the leaders in their high school 
bands, either drum majors, section leaders 
or officers," he said. "We train our 
upperclassmen to go out of their way to 
make the adjustment period a positive 
experience. " It seems to work because our 
retention is really pretty good compared to 
most university bands." 

Widely regarded as one of the best 
university marching bands in the southeast, 
the Spirit of Northwestern is a focal point 

The 2008-2009 Demon Victorj' Fund annual fund drive campaign has begun 
as the NSU Athletic Association prepares to close the books on a banner 
fundraising year for Northwestern State athletics in fiscal year 2007-2008. 

The Demon Victory Fund, which generates monies through the NSU Athletic 
Association for athletic scholarships for NSU student-athletes, is "the lifeblood of NSU 
Athletics. It provides support to the areas most critical to ensuring that Demon student- 
athletes are adequately prepared and substantially supported to compete at the Division I 
level," said Executive Director of the Athletic Association Dr. William Broussard. 

"Support received through the NSU Athletic Association has directly contributed to 
the many success stories enjoyed by the Northwestern athletic program in recent years," 
said Director of Athletics Greg Burke. "At the same time, it is exciting to know that there is 
still tremendous potential for growth and that increasing both donors and dollars for the 
'Demon Victory Fund' will not only sustain what has been accomplished, but will enable 
our student-athletes and coaches to take their programs to a higher level." 

The 415 Athletic Association 2007-2008 members, who donated nearly $217,000 last 
year, took the new slogan, "Securing our Tradition, Ensuring our Future Excellence" to 
heart in 2007-2008. 

Other areas of focus for growing the DVF and Athletic Association membership in 
2008-2009 include introducing no-cost memberships to Demon Rewards participants, 
former student-athletes graduating after 2005-2006, and providing members with 
increased incentives to donate. 

Anyone who wants more information about the DVF or wishes to contribute who 
doesn't receive a packet is encouraged to contact Broussard at (318) 357-4295, or by e- 
mail at, or click on the Athletic Association button on the website. 

at athletic events and represents the 
university at fianctions throughout the year. 

"I have personally had Demon 
football players tell me more than once 
that they miss the Demon band when they 
travel to out-of-town games 
and that the band helps get 
them fired up," Brent said. 
"If we are helping motivate 
the team, I can't help but 
believe the fans like the 
exciting sounds of the 
Spirit of Northwestern as 

The band is currently 
in the midst of a fund drive 
for new uniforms and 
through student technology 
fees was able to purchase 
several much-needed new 

"We started a campaign for 
instruments and uniforms in the fall of 
2007 and have raised a little over 
$10,000," said Brent, who is in his 25th 
year as director. "It is not going as fast as 
I had hoped and we have delayed 
purchasing the uniforms for another year, 
but we are going to complete our goal, 
which is $100,000. The uniform will 
retain the cape that has become a 
trademark of the band and we actually 
have some students who partly come to 
NSU because they want to wear 'the 

According to Kevin Richardson 
(1997), associate director of bands and 
assistant professor of music, the new brass 
instruments include 25 saxophones, 25 
baritones and 25 melophones, a marching 
French horn, which will greatly enhance 
the sound of the "band. 

"One of the sousaphones we have is 
older than Bill Brent. It was built in the 
40s," he said. "When Bill started, we had 
five tuba players. Now we have 25." 

With seven home games, Richardson, 
who arranges music and writes drills, has 
planned several exciting shows. 

"Our goal is to do three different 
halftime shows in addition to our other 
programs," said Richardson, who began in 
December 2007 selecting themes for this 
fall, with some student input 

The band will open with a Dave 
Matthews show that will feature two 
soloists: professors Paul Forsythe on 
saxophone and Andrej Kurti on electric 
violin. The Sept. 20 halftime will 
incorporate All Honors Band Day, Demon 
Drum Line and Color Guard Day 
participants with an expected 600 visiting 
high school students joining the band on 
the field for a patriotic salute to the Armed 
Forces. Next will be a "television mystery 
music spy-theme show" that will include 
themes from "Shaft," "Dragnet," "Mission 
Impossible," "Perry Mason" and "Hawaii 
Five-0." The season will end with a Latin 
show featuring Latin standards. 

continued on page 1 1 

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Scoreboard replacement project moving forward 

NSU received formal 
approval from the University 
of Louisiana System to move 
forward with an initiative to 
replace outdated scoreboards at 
all of its athletic venues with 
scoreboards that feature the 
latest video and audio 
technology. The project, a 
partnership between the NSU Foundation and the Department of 
Athletics, will enhance fan experience, create pride among alumni and 
students, assist with recruiting and help the university avoid costly repairs 
to old equipment. 

NSU is working with Daktronics, the largest scoreboard company in 
the U.S. The new scoreboards will enable the Athletic Department to 
increase advertising revenue, as well as enhance the overall image and 
appearance of the University at venues which attract thousands of people 
to campus annually. The total value of the scoreboards is $1,595,000. 

"Receiving approval from the Board of Supervisors to move forward 
with this project is exciting because of the effect it will have on nearly 
every one of NSU's teams. Recruiting, fan experience, and facility 
aesthetics will all be positively impacted as a result of this 'scoreboard 
makeover,'" said Athletic Director Greg Burke. "Sponsorship 
opportunities are still available. For more information on how to help, 
contact Burke at (3 18) 357-525 1 . 

Spirit of Northwestern continued 

Brent and his staff hope the band's new uniforms will debut in Fail 2009. 

"If you hold the old ones up to a new uniform, you really notice the 
faded colors and the obvious wear and tear. There is only so much dry 
cleaning can do," Richardson said. "The lifespan of a uniform is about eight 
years and these are now 1 2 years old. 

The cost of each uniform is $400. The SON has dubbed the drive the 
Close the Gap campaign and has asked SON alumni and friends to help meet 
their fiand raising goal. 

"The band is the largest spirit group on campus and we try to send 
representatives to several events throughout the year other than football 
games, including basketball, baseball and even soccer games from time to 
time," Richardson said. "Most students in the marching band are not music 
majors, so the band scholarship definitely helps them attend college and 
pursue their degree, even it is not music." 

For more information, contact Brent at (318) 357-4522, Richardson at 
(3 1 8) 357-6722 or e-mail them at or . 
Information is also available on the band's home page, 

The Ist Bi-Annual 

NSU Athletic Association Roast 

and Golf Tournament 


Former Demon 

Head Football Coach 

Sam Goodwin 

Mark your Calendars! 

August ir, 2(m 

For mora Information: 

Contact Dr. William Brouaaard 

Exacutlva Director of tha NSU Altiiatlc Asaoclatlon 

PfiOfw: 31» 357-4295 
Fax 318^357 4221 

E mail: broussardw^nsula edu 

\ortln»f<iitprii State 

I iii>er<(it> 
.Vthlrtio AKKooiation 
I 'ictory im on Our Side! 

Legendary retired football coach Sam 
Goodwin, who won four conference 
championships and steered Northwestern 
State to three national playoff appearances while 
producing dozens of NFL players from 1983- 
1999, will be the guest of honor for a roast and 
golf tournament Aug. 23. 

Goodwin will be in the spotlight at the first 
Bi-Annual NSU Athletic Association Roast and 
Golf Tournament, an event which will be held in 
even-numbered years. The NSU Athletic 
Association has hosted its Scholarship Auction 
dinner and festivities in odd-numbered years on 
the final weekend before football season since 

"There aren't any more beloved figures in 
our athletic history than Coach Goodwin, so it 
was a natural for us to kick off this event by 
making him the guest of honor at the roast," said 
Dr. William Broussard, executive director of the 
Athletic Association and two-time Ail-American 
center on Goodwin's final two NSU teams.. The 
golf scramble will be held at the Demon Hills Golf 
Course on the morning of Aug. 23, with the roast 
in Prather Coliseum that evening. Entry fees and 
ticket prices will be announced later along with 
other arrangements and a roster of featured 


Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 11 


NFL award named for 
Demon Joe Delaney 

A \ pro football award honoring a top NFL running back has been 
f'^ ' named in honor of Joe Delaney, the late Demon great who was 
a two-sport Ail-American and NFL star. The Joe Delaney 
Award will honor one of the NFL's best running backs who also 
demonstrates admirable character and unselfishness, traits that were 
embodied by Delaney. 

Atlanta Falcons veteran running back Warrick Dunn a Baton Rouge 
native, was chosen as the first recipient of The Joe Delaney Award by the 

Delaney was a running back who drowned in June 1983. in a heroic 
attempt to rescue three drowning boys, one whom survived. Delaney is a 
member of the Kansas City Chiefs' Hall of Fame, the College Football 
Hall of Fame, the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and NSU's Graduate N 
Club Hall of Fame. 

Soccer Reunion 

Thirteen former Demon soccer players returned to campus for an April 
6 reunion that included a fiill field game against the current team. 
Among those returning to campus were 2007 Demon goalkeeper Johnna 
Klohoker, who stood in as coach due to an injury, as well as 1 1 team 
alumni who were part of at least one of the NCAA tournament teams. 

Romy Marroquin (2002) led the alumni team with 2006 alumni 
Ashley Hadley and Stephanie Miller and 2006 Player of the Year 
Heather Penico. Also participating were Katrina Pence, Carrie Crowell, 
Mya Walsh, Julie Zavala, Krystle Donaldson, Erin Hebert, Natalie 
Waguespack, and Tiffany Kawana-Waugh. 

The alumni proved to still have the talent they had as Demon 
players, as they held the game scoreless until the last 10 minutes when 
junior midfielder Gabby Assayag opened up the Demon scoring on a 
beautiful shot taken right under the lO-minute mark. Not too long after, 
freshman forward Rose Lawrence added the final goal of the game on a 
header off a comer kick. 

Coach Jimmy Mitchell thanks every alumna for participating in the 
reunion weekend. 

Former Demon soccer players who returned to 
campus for a spring reunion and matchup 
against the current team were, front row from 
left, Stephanie Miller (2005), Natalie 
Waguespack (2007), Carrie Crowell (2006), 
Katrina Pence (2004) and Romy Marroquin 
(2001). On the back row are Krystle Donaldson (2006), Heather Penico 
(2005), Tiffany Kawana-Waugh (2007), Erin Hebert (2007), Johnna 
Klohoker (2007), Julie Zavala (2006), Ashley Hadley (2005) and Mya 
Walsh (2006). 

Chris Roper Memorial 
Golf Tournament 

First place winners in Chris Roper Memorial 
Golf Tournament sponsored by the NSU 
Foundation were, from left, Randy Robinson, 
Doyle Anderson, Charlie Ingalls, Danny Nolen 
and Kelvin Fee. The event raised over 
$8,000 for the Chris Roper Memorial 
Scholarship Fund. 

The second place team in the April 26 Chris 
Roper Memorial Gold Tournament were, from 
left, Rick Roper, father of the honoree; Don 
Ashworth, Chad Burns and Mike Parting. The 
tournament honors Chris Roper, a senior and 
top golfer on the Demon squad, who was 
killed in a traffic accident in 1982. 

The team consisting of Richard Tew, Bill 
Decou, Danny Sullivan and Leonard Conville, 
from left, placed third in the 26th annual 
Chris Roper Memorial Golf Tournament. 
Proceeds from the event will benefit the Chris 
Roper Memorial Scholarship Fund, awarded 
annually to an NSU student majoring in 
health and human performance. 

2008 Demon head baseball coach J. P. 
Davis posed with 1998 Demons Tom 
Batson, Ryan Anholt, Courtney Cowart, 
Brad Fontenot, Derek Nunn and Pete 
Warden and Director of Athletics Greg 
Burke during a reunion in April. 

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Alumni Updates 

Carlos Treadway 

By Leigh Gentry 

Alumni Profile 


Lois B. Gellatly Salter is 
retired teactier and lives 
in Houston. 


Dorothy Lee Roach is 
retired and lives in 
Rockwall, Texas. 

Sally Curry Hardenstein is 
retired and lives in 
Danville, Va. 


Billie Moss Westbrook is 
a retired teacher and lives 


James Kenneth Howard 
is a retired teacher, writer, 
married and lives in 

Dr. Darlene Bennett 
Blackwell Thompson is 
retired, married and lives 
in Leesville. 


Suzanne Swann 
Middleton is a retired 
teacher, married to Mead 
Middleton ('60) and lives 
in Germantown, Tenn. 


Reverend Hannah Hayes 
Howe is an associate 
pastor at United 
Congregational Church of 
Tolland, married and lives 
in Tolland, Conn. 

Sarah E. Ellison Heard is 
a retired nurse and lives 
in Logansport. 


Esther Rose Knouse 
Tompkins is retired, 
married and lives in 


Bob Johnson is retired, 
married and lives in 


James E. Smith Jr is 
retired, married and lives 
in Gretna. 

Edgar Lee Johnson is 
retired and lives in 
Angleton, Texas. 

John Walter Mitchell Sr is 
a retired math teacher 
and principal. He is 

married and lives in 
Gariand, Texas and 


Sandra Dean Joyce 
Bullock is a retired 
teacher, married and lives 
in Oxford, N.C. 

Linda Phenice Rogers is 
retired and lives in 


Linda Gauthier Amberg is 
retired, mamed and lives 
in Plaucheville. 


John B. Woodyard II is 
currently doing bird 
surveys and Pinon Jay 
radio tracking for The 
Great Basin Bird 
Observatory. He is 
married and lives in 
Baker, Nev 


Ginger Gail Smith 
Eisenrod is the owner of 
Southeast Realty 
Equities, married and 
lives in Coral Springs, Fla. 

Shirley Nell Simmons 
Ward is retired, married to 
James Cariis Ward Sr. 
('65) and lives in 


Dr. Margaret Foster Land 
retired from Texas A&M 
University-Kingsville. She 
is a co-owner of Texas 
Environmental Studies & 
Analysis and works as a 

Douglas Chamer is 
retired and lives in 


Patricia Slifer Lane is an 
academic advising 
coordinator at Montana 
State University and lives 
in Bozeman, Mont. 

Janice Shivers Boley is 
retired, mamed and lives 
in Farmerville. 

Judy Hilburn Young is 
employed by Van Eaton 
and Romero as a real 
estate agent and lives in 

Carlos Treadway graduated from NSU in 
December of 1992 with a degree in business 
administration. He was able to pursue his 
college football career as a tight end for the Demons 
thanks to an athletic scholarship. 

Treadway chose business administration, because 
it was one of the best programs when he started in 
1988, and the program at NSU gave him a foundation 
that allowed him to continue his education. He 
graduated with a masters in business with a concentration in finance fi"om Texas 
Christian University. 

NSU prepared Treadway for his future career in more ways than one. The 
university's small environment helped him to leam business skills, which would 
later come in handy in graduate school as well as in his job. But what most 
prepared him were the people with whom he attended class and played football. 

"They exposed me to different points of view," he said. 

Treadway 's four years of college required him to balance the rigor of football 
and schoolwork, he said, which prepared him for having to balance work, family 
and life in the real world. 

Treadway works for Ford Motor Credit Company and has been with the 
company for 14 years. He is currently the director of Minority Dealer Relations 
& Multi-Cultural Affairs at Ford. As director Treadway manages programs for 
minority dealers and is responsible for advertising and marketing. 

Treadway, a native of Alexandria, lived in Texas for 10 years, divided 
between Dallas and Houston, and later moved to Detroit where he lives with his 
wife, Kim, and 19-month-old son Austyn. 

He fondly remembers the relationships he made at the university and on the 
football field, where he shined. He was one of the 1 3 honorary captains on the Top 
100 Demon Football Players of All-Time roster that was compiled last year. 

He misses the daily comradery of his teammates and the support of the 
university and the whole Natchitoches community, he said. 

"You really come to appreciate Natchitoches even more after you leave 
school," he said. 


Kenneth Michael Bates is 
retired from the United 
States Army, currently a 
teacher and coach. He is 
married to Donna E. 
Middleton Bates ('71) and 
lives in Natchitoches. 

Irene Morgel Robinson is 
the president/owner of 
KWCL-FM Broadcasting 
Co. and lives in Oakdale. 


Michael "Kirby" Ramsey is 
a professor of clinical lab 
science at the University 
of Louisiana at Monroe, 
married and lives in 

Charles William Boudreau 
is employed at Vista 
Health, married and lives 

in Fayetteville, Ark. 

Captain John L. Taylor is 
the owner of Captain 
John L.'s Charters and 
lives in Buras. 

Curtis Wester is a 
regional operations 
coordinator at Lifetouch 
National School Studios 
and lives in Bulverde, 


Leonard Ford, Jr is 
employed by Region VI 
Office for Citizens with 
Disabilities as a 
community services 
specialist supervisor, 
married and lives in 


Ronald Dale Carson is 
the intensive care unit 
charge nurse at Promise 
Hospital Bossier, married 
and lives in Bossier 

Jerrie Ammons Choate is 
a teacher at Mansfield 
High School, married and 
lives in Mansfield. 


James E. Sanders is 
retired and lives in Baton 

Jesse Lee Nobles Jr. is a 

business math instructor 
at Richmond School of 
Health and Technology 
married and lives in 
Petersburg, Va. 

Karen Mathies Keogh is 

the manager of sales 
training and development 
at Talecris Biotherapeutics 
and lives in Glendale, 

Stan Brouillette is the 
director of human 
resources at RPC, Inc., 
married and lives in 


Peggy Vidrine Brown is 
an accounting analyst at 
PPG Industries, Inc. and 
lives in Lake Charles. 


Charies H. Kern is 
employed by the Caddo 
Parish Indigent Defender 
Office as a juvenile 
investigator, married and 
lives in Bossier City. 


Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 13 

Alumni Updates 

Alumni Profile 

David J. Melton 

By Leigh Gentry 

David J. Melton graduated in 
May 1976 with a degree in 
general studies from NSU. 
Shortly after, he started his career in the 
Social Security Administration as a 
claims representative, and later became 
an operation supervisor. His job has 
taken him many places — Waco, Tx.; 
Lake Charles, La., Winchester, Va.; and 
most recently the Washington, D.C. 

Melton has been a public affairs 
specialist for the Social Security 
Administration since 2005. From 2005- 
2006 he worked with the U. S. military 
on the Seriously Injured Marines and 
Sailors (SIMS) project; the goal of the 
project was to examine the process of 
giving out Social Security benefits to 
injured marines, soldiers and sailors. 

Their research found early on that 
the injured military personnel were not 
availing themselves to get all the 
benefits to which they were entitled, 
and by coordinating this process they 
were able to increase amount of benefits 
substantially. The Social Security 
Administration was able to point out 
special benefits found in the soldiers' 

Melton's team also worked with 

different government agencies to cut 
down the time it took to get these 
benefits from 120 days to less than 30 
days. He enjoyed working on this 
project, because it gave him the 
opportunity to work and meet with these 
soldiers and to hear their "stories of 

"You can't help but be inspired 
around them," Melton said. 

Melton and his team received the 
SSA Commissioner's Team Award in 
September 2007. This was his second 
award in his career with the SSA. The 
first was an individual award, which he 
received in 2001 as a field 
representative. He said the second 
award was better and more satisfying, 
because it was a team award that had a 
national implication. 

Melton's work is not over. He 
gives presentations several times a year, 
and he and his team did more than 900 
outreach events in seven months. 

"I have opportunities to do things 
and to reach communities I never 
dreamed of" Melton said. 

Melton enrolled at NSU as a 
nursing major but changed his mind 
once he went to Shreveport to begin 
clinicals. He had taken sociology and 
anthropology classes at NSU as 
electives; he realized he like those better 
than his nursing classes, so he changed 
his major to general studies. 

"I thoroughly enjoyed living and 
going to school there," Melton said. He 
returned to Natchitoches each year for 
the Christmas Festival until 1989. 
Melton said he misses meatpies and red 
beans and rice from Lasyone's. 

"Northwestern was just the right 
size," Melton said. "It was small 
enough that you knew people and never 
got lost in the crowd." 

NSU exposed Melton to the 
concept of "always learning," which 
helped him later in his job at SSA. His 
job is continually changing in 
technology and policies, and he is still 

He learned about job opportunities 
with the SSA from another student he 
knew at NSU who was a year older than 
him. That student told him that he was 
working for an agency that affects 
everyone, which appealed to Melton. 
He liked what he heard, and he applied 
for the job. 

Working and living in the 
Washington, D.C. area was his goal, 
which he has now accomplished. 
Melton enjoys working with people and 
enjoys his job in public affairs, because 
it allows him to have an impact. 

Melton has been married twice and 
has a son from his first marriage. He 
began his second marriage 9 months 
ago, and has a stepdaughter and stepson. 


Barbara Jean Kensie 
Banks is a retired 
principal, married and 
lives in Alexandria. 

Sandra Maricle Lanier is 
employed by the 
Calcasieu Parish Board 
as a second grade 
teacher and lives in Lake 


Walter Murrell Walker Jr. 
is a senior army instructor 
at Woodlaw^n High School 
and lives in Shreveport. 

ShyrI Caldwell Johnson is 
a Title One contact for 
Brevard Public School 
and lives in Melbourne, 


Premchai Navarasuchitr is 
the general manager at 
URC (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 
and lives in Bangkok, 


Jairo Alfonso Serrato is 
an analyst cost scheduler 
for Nexen Inc. and lives in 
Calgary, Canada. 

Christine Avant Gaspard 
is employed by the 
Lafayette Parish School 
Board as department 
chair special education, 
married and lives in New 


Janet Magee Greer is 
employed by the DeSoto 

Parish School Board as 
an assistant principal, 
married and lives in 


Kimberly Merten Escort is 
a service operations 
manager at Procter & 
Gamble and lives in Ball. 


Janice Wheat Zerecheck 
is a human resource 
manager for Target 
Corporation, married and 
lives in Seabrook, Texas. 


Thomas Braswell is a case 
manager at St. Josephs 
Mercy Hospital and lives in 
Hot Springs, M.. 

Bruce Joseph Tassin is an 
administrator at Christus 
St. Frances Cabrini 
Hospital, married and 
lives in Pineville. 

Kathy Burns DeSoto is 
the assistant director of 
application programming 
at LSU Health Sciences 
Center and lives in 


Tammacee Daniece 
Vincent is a coordinator 
forensic nurse program at 
Lake Charles Memorial 
Hospital, married and 
lives in Lake Charles. 

Susan Allen Coleman is 
employed by Winn Parish 
School Board as an eight 

grade math teacher and 
lives in Winnfield. 


Angela Chance Griffis is 
employed by Florence 
ISD as a third grade 
teacher, married and lives 
in Georgetown, Texas. 

Andrea Madison Lowe is 
the executive director of 
LA Community Health 
Connection and lives in 


Charlotte Holmes Ortegon 
is retired and lives in 
DeSoto, Texas. 

Becky Ricks Armand is a 
varsity track and cross 
country coach at Prince of 

Peace Christian School. 
She is married to Keith 
Armand ('90) and lives in 
Carrollton, Texas. 

Sheletha Wilson Hamilton 
is employed by the State 
of Louisiana as an 
information technology 
tech support specialist, 
married and lives in 


Janna Baxley Antilley is a 
paralegal and office 
manager at Luneau Law 
Office, married to David L. 
Antilley II ('91) and lives 
in Bentley. 

Ronald Charles Michael 
Jr. is a project manager at 
Industrial Coating 

Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 14 

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Contractors Inc. and lives 
in Baton Rouge. 

Shelia Thompson is a 
library specialist I at 
Northwestern State 
University and lives in 


Sara Tinker Robertson is 
an audit manager for the 
Louisiana State Police- 
Gaming Audit and lives in 
Bossier City. 

Rhonda M. Regouffre is a 
clinical documentation 
consultant at Therapy 
Management Corporation 
and lives in Metairie. 


Angel Huval, LCSW is 
employed by St. Martin 
Parish School Board as 
Kids in Crisis supervisor 
and lives in Lafayette. 

Jennifer Zimmerle is a 
sales representative at 
Pelican Promotions & 
Advertising Specialties 
and lives in Slidell. 

Russell Graef is 
employed with Killeen ISD 
as a teacher and lives in 
Temple, Texas. 

Stephanie George Taylor 
is employed with Superior 
Home Health as a 
registered nurse and lives 
in Baton Rouge. 

Alana Mack Bishop is a 
mental health program 
director the East LA 
Mental Health System, 
married to Robert Bishop 
('95) and lives in Port 


Alison K. Hahs Sheets is 
a marketing director at 
Presbyterian Manor, 
married and lives in 
Farmington, Mo. 

Stephanie Adkins Hills is 
a program analyst for the 
Department of Veteran 
Affairs and lives in 
Copley, Ohio. 

Martha Johnson Hubbs is 
a family and consumer 
sciences teacher at 
Clinton High School, 
married to Chris Hubbs 
('00) and lives in Clinton, 

Nicole Gray is the owner 
of Colbert Ball Tax 
Service and lives in Cedar 
Hill, Texas. 

Robert M. Bishop is a 
computer technician at 
ENGIobal Corporation, 
married to Alana Mack 
Bishop ('94) and lives in 
Port Vincent. 

Rendy Polk Richard is a 
recruiter/academy staff for 
the Baton Rouge Police 
Department, married and 
lives in Walker. 

Chris Dene Knighten 
Ebarb is a family planning 
supervisor at Caddo 
Parish Health Unit, 
married and lives in 


Sarah Crooks Clancy is a 
public relations 
coordinator at Rapides 
Regional Medical Center, 
married and lives in 

Heather Cavin Stevens is 
employed at Concentra in 
human resources and 
lives in Glendale, Ariz. 

Davin Bridges is an 
environmental science 
officer in the United 
States Army. 

Tracy Mitchell Young is a 

Paradise/Crossroads field 
representative for 
Louisiana Travel 
Promotion Association, 
married and lives in 

Laine Coleman is area 
manager of sales at KCI 
Medical and lives in 

Audry Desadier Seegers 
is employed by the 
Bossier Pahsh Shernff's 
Office as a deputy and 
lives in Bossier City 


Brand! Poche' Taylor is a 
bone and tissue 
coordinator for 
Presbyterian Hospital of 
Piano, married and lives 
in Highland Village, 

Holly Rebecca Dupuis 
Hollier is a teacher at 
Arnaudville Elementary 
School, married and lives 
in Opelousas. 

Claire Chester Wardell is 
the office manager at 
Center for Sight, married 
to Pete Wardell ('00) and 
lives in Natchitoches. 

Lucy Adams Walsh is a 

cardiac transplant 
coordinator at Piedmont 
Hospital and lives in 
Canton, Ga. 

Anthony Williams is 
employed by Omnicell as 
a project manager and 
lives in Missouri City, 

George J. Hicks is an 
accreditation specialist on 
the Joint Review 
Committee on Education 
in Radiologic Technology 
and lives in Chicago, III. 

Janery Wylie Barnes is a 
training manager for Alltel 
and lives in Sheridan, Ark. 

Kristine Eckennan is an 
assistant manager in audio 
services at the University of 
Maryland and lives in Silver 
Spring, Md. 


Melissa Lynnette Smith 
Robertson is employed 
with the Department of 
Social Services as an 
analyst II, married and 
lives in Pineville. 

Kathleen Gillan is a 
panhellenic advisor at the 
University of Georgia and 
lives in Athens, Ga. 

Melinda Gray Parrie is a 
multimedia director and 
web administrator at NSU 
and lives in Natchitoches. 

Kevin Brough is an IT 
support center analyst at 
Cleco Corporation and 
lives in Pineville. 

Chad Davis is a network 
supervisor at First 
National Banker's Bank, 
married to April Daigle 
Davis ('00) and lives in 

Rebecca Lloyd is a 
biosurety program 
specialist at General 
Dynamics Information 
Technology and lives in 
Ashburn, Va. 

Jennifer Beth Watts is 
employed by Motorola in 
accessories and lives in 
Grayslake, III. 

Gail Odette Henderson is 
an associate professor of 
English at Baton Rouge 
Community College and 
lives in Rosedale. 

Sharon Curtis Arbaugh is 
an accounting clerk for 
KTBS, Inc, married and 
lives in Benton. 


Chris Hubbs is employed 
with Morgan Keegan as an 
investment broker and 
financial planner, married to 
Martha Johnson Hubbs ('95) 
and lives in Clinton, Tenn. 

Leigh Anne Price Webster 
is the project manager for 
SAIC and lives in Vero 
Beach, Fla. 

Dr. Pete Wardell is an 
optometrist and owner of 
Center for Sight, married 
to Claire Chester Wardell 
('98) and lives in 

Katie Bowen Cooper is 
the director of stevrardship 
for the LSU Foundation and 
lives in Baton Rouge. 

Tiffany Cronin Crawford is 
employed by Corpus 
Independent School 
District as a teacher and 
coach. She is married 
and lives in Corpus 
Christi, Texas. 

Branden D. Johnson is a 
program manager for 
SHRT and lives in 
Longview, Texas. 

Kevin M, Toler is an area 
manager for Enterprise 
Rent a Car and lives in 
Leauge City, Texas. 

Bujar Namani is 
employed by the United 
States Army as a 
deployment officer and 
lives in Fairfield, Calif. 


Tabitha Johnigan Johnson 
is a scheduler for CORE 
and lives in Longview, 

Kevin McAllister is a 
lieutenant colonel in the 
United States Army and 
lives in Leesville. 

Kathryn Richards 
DioQuino is a senior 
customer analytics 
analyst for Lowe's 
Companies, Inc. and lives 
in Troutman, N.C. 

Rosemarie Bethley 
Finklea is employed by 
the state of Arkansas as 
an accountant in the fiscal 
division and lives in 
Beebe, Ark. 

Tammy Megow Jones is 
recruitment officer for the 
United State Marine 
Corps and lives in 
Camillus N.Y. 

1941 - Lucy B. Howard, January 21, 2008 

1942 -Adelaide Smith Carlin, January 20, 2007, 

1943 -Albert Gerson, July 25, 2007, Monroe 
1949 - Dorothy Kinnison, March 17, 2008, 

West Monroe 

1953 - Betty Sue Choate Key, May 2, 2008, 


1954 - Billy McCoy March 19, 2007 
1954 - O'Keefe John Gremillion Jr., 

March 23, 2008 
1959 - Robert Eric (Coach) Wicker, 

April 17, 2008 
2000 - James Patrick "Jay" Giblin, April 4, 2008, 

Baton Rouge 
2007 - Clay Firmin, Cottonport 
Saidee Watson Newell, March 23, 2008 
Mable Ragan Black, April 26, 2008, Lake Charies 
Jimmie Ruth Sewell Dillard, Nov 27, 2006, 

Refugio, Texas 

Correction: Julius Morgan Burkett (1961, 1963) 
was erroniously listed among the deceased 
alumni in a previous column. The actual 
deceased was the father of Mr. Morgan, also 
named Julius. Julius M. Burkett and his wife 
Sharon currently reside in Nacogdoches, Texas. 


Vicky Boudreaux Collins 
is a preschool director at 
Kama aina Kids and lives 
in Waipahu, Hawaii. 

Yolanda Denise Waldrup 
Telsee is a claims 
representative for the 
Social Security 
Administration, married 
and lives in Campti. 

Crystal Fontenot Sharp is 
a registered nurse at 
Willis-Knighton Health 
System and lives in 

Ronald Seth Busby is 

employed by the 
Louisiana Department of 
Labor as an 

unemployment insurance 
tax agent and lives in 


Loyman Joseph 
Prestenbach is the 
director of bands at 
Franklinton High School, 
married to Melissa Ann 
Prestenbach ('07) and 
lives in Franklinton. 

Jennifer Jeanne Paul is 
the intenm director of 
student leadership at 
Southeastern Louisiana 
University and lives in 

Sarah Darbonne 
Thibodeaux is an 
esthetician at Fine Lines 
Cosmetic Laser Center, 
married and lives in 

Kristin Wilkins Sessums is 
a registered dietitian at 
Ocean Springs Hospital, 
married and lives in Biloxi, 

Cassie Shunk Skiles Is a 
financial analyst for 
Coldwell Banker and lives 
in Aliso Viejo, Calif. 

Marion Yelverton Newson 
is a teacher at Our Lady 
of Sorrows School and 
lives in Birmingham, Ala. 

Jennifer Willey Limon is a 
clinical coordinator at 
Delgado Community 
College and lives in 

Cassie Elaine Griffin is a 
radiologic technologist, 
married and lives in 

Allison Mers is a hospice 
care consultant and lives 
in Piano, Texas. 

Jennifer Bryant Durrett is 
a dispatcher for Vernon 
Parish E-911, married to 
David Neil Durrett ('03) 
and lives in Hornbeck. 


Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 15 

Alumni News 



Northwestern boasted a champion gymnastics team in 
1957. That year, the team, under the direction of Joe 
Piscopo, went undefeated in all meets for the fourth 
year in a row with some meet records dating back even 
further. The muscle men brought the championships of the 
Gulf AAU, the Southern AAU, the Southwestern AAU and 
the Mid-South Intercollegiate meets. 

Members of that year's team were, front row from left, Dave 
Moody, Danny Boyette, Don Cook and Loyd Huval. On the middle 
row were Sonny Martinez, Johnny Tinnell, Don May, John Waldo, Bill 
Pearson, Barry Johnson, Jerry Ainsworth and Henry Walton. On the 
back row were Hugh Holey, Terrell Leach, Charles Fuico, Bob 
Knighton, John Nipper, Mickey Murphy, Melton Cook, Alan Lundgren 
and Ken Terewey. Not show are Charles Partin and Manager Herbert 

Balance Act: Terrell Leach, Bill Pearson and Charles Partin 

Guess Who? 

The NSU chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha was chartered 35 years ago to 
uphold the standard of God first, people second, self last. Their colors, 
salmon pink and apple green, stand for high scholastic achievement. As a 
sorority they are dedicated to 'The Service of all Mankind." Can you name 
the officers of Alpha Kappa Alpha from 1983? The first five readers to call the 
Alumni Center (318) 357-4414 will win a prize. 

Congratulations to the following individuals who correctly identified the 
Current Sauce staff from 1981. They were, seated from left, Allison Arthur, 
Editor David L. LaVere and Sandi Therell. On the second row were Joe 
Cunningham, Susan Higgs Monday and James Ingram. On the back row 
were Mark Cosand, Mike Gallien, Kevin Murphy and David Stamey. 

Ms. Daphne Mines - 1984 - Natchitoches, LA 
Mrs. Fern Land - 1981 - Colfax, LA 


Melissa J. Hardaway is 
currently a grad student at 
LSU, working on her 
masters in 

communications studies 
and lives in Baton Rouge. 

Tiffany Dawn Stevenson 
is a fifth grade teacher at 
Faith Family Academy 
and lives in Carrollton, 

Tina Cowan Kimmons is 
employed by Corinth 
School District as a 
school counselor and 
lives in Corinth, Miss. 

Christopher D. Pearson is 
a CCP for JP Morgan 
Chase and lives in 

Brooke Byrd McCorkle is 
a kindergarten teacher at 
Red River Elementary 
School, married to 
Michael McCorkle ('04) 
and lives in Castor. 

Carisma Ramsey is a 
marketing producer at 
NBC 5/KXAS and lives in 
Irving, Texas. 


Darnel Winns is employed 
by Supports & Services 

Center as a social service 
counselor 2 and lives in 

Candice Detillier Huber is 
a technical recruiter at 
Strategic Staffing 
Solutions, married and 
lives in Kenner. 

Monique Shunta Atkins is 
employed by the 
Shreveport Police 
Department as PCO I and 
lives in Shreveport. 

Jacob Benjamin Davis is 
an energy trading analyst 
for Stream Energy, 
married and lives in 
Richardson, Texas. 

Pamela Brittany Hung 
Rutledge is a sales 
representative, married to 
Billy Ray Rutledge ('05) 
and lives in Arkadelphia, 

Reed Markham is 
employed by the United 
States Army as an 
executive officer and lives 
in Colorado Springs, 

Britany Coleman is an 
academic advisor at 
McNeese State University 
and lives in Lake Charles. 


Canie Dawley is employed 
by Vernon Parish School 
Board as a teacher and 
lives in Leesville. 

Lauri Johnson Woodson 
is an academic secretary 
at East Texas Baptist 
University and lives in 
Marshall, Texas. 

Jessica Lacobee is 
employed by Caddo 
Parish Schools as a 
teacher and lives in 

Tiffany Nicole Garcia is 
employed at LSUHSC as 

a registered nurse and 
lives in Shreveport. 


Laura Worsham Mayeaux 
is a labor and delivery 
registered nurse and lives 
in Coushatta. 

Shantell Marie Francis is 
a child welfare specialist 
and lives in New Iberia. 

Kristen Joubert Bailey is 
an accounts payable 
specialist for ABC 
Imaging, married and 
lives in Arlington, Va. 

Alumni Columns Summer 2008 / 16 



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Please return to: Alumni Center • Northwestern State University • Natchitoches, LA 71497 

If you would like information h*oni Admissions, Financial Aid or 

the NSU Athletic Association, you can contact them at the following address: 

University Recruiting 

South Hall 

Natchitoches, LA 71497 

(318)357-4503 or 800-327-1903 

Financial Aid 
Room 109, Roy Hall 
Natchitoches, LA 71497 

Athletic Director 

Room lOIC.Athletic Fieldhouse 

Natchitoches, LA 71497 


ROW 1 from bottom L to R: James L. Rougeau, Paula Walden Burnitt, Juanita Martinez Coutee, Frank Ebarb, James P. Plumb, Andrew Moms 
Bruce, David Vargas, James Kenneth Corley, Linda Whitehead Perot, Jimmy D. Hayes. ROW 2: Frances Elouise Sanders, Katharine Muse 
Timon, Jean McGlothlin Doerge, Katie Jean Myers Young, Patricia Cowart Wilkerson, Kenneth Lee Tenwey, 0. Bryant Lewis, Jane Brown Huff, 
Max Huff. ROW 3: Anita Ruth Simmons Stedman, Carolyn H. Erwin Rigsby, Mary Jo Masingill Whittington, Winnie L. Bennett, James F. Bennett, 
Charles E. LaRoux. ROW 4: Marianne Jones Juneau, Bobbie Kornegay Voorhies, Carl 0. Speed, Billy Plunkett, Wilburn Crnkovic. ROW 5: 
Tommy Glynn Johnson, C. Elizabeth Walker Johnson, Hollis R. Bray, Dewey Page, Lloyd M. Swor, Randell A. Fletcher, Bobbie Rae Stott. 

Alumni Columns 
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